If you are looking for the origin of the commonly used word “travel” then your chances of finding it are extremely slim. Its origin has been long lost somewhere in the history books and may have been derived from the French word “Travails” with the first use of the same being during the fourteenth century. A possible and link is its association with the Roman word “tripalium” which was an instrument of torture, highlighting the issues and sufferings that the ancient travelers had to face in those days.

Travelling over the years has significantly changed and is now a more comfortable experience as compared to even the recent past. Travel essentially involves the movement of individuals between geographical locations that are relatively distant. This may be carried out by means of transportation such as airways, waterways, railroads, automobiles, or other means and may be also associated with short stops and stays in the middle of successive movements. Travels are classified largely as single trip or round trip affairs and does not necessarily involve inclusion of baggage.

People nowadays travel for various reasons. Some may do it for vacationing where they can relax while some may undertake research tours in order to gather significant amount of information on the trip. Travel purposes may also include pilgrimages, relocation, charity travels, trade and business activities, or simply holidays to make acquaintance with new people.

There are numerous travel destinations all across the globe that caters to the need of each and every traveler, be it the adventurous or the regular types. One can choose from a large number of exotic destinations crisscrossing the world map to get a unique travel experience on each occasion while also knowing more about the world and its varied cultural heritage. There is an exhaustive list of top-draw destinations in the world from the heights of the Himalayas to the depths of the Dead Sea, from the vivid nightlife in Las Vegas to the amazement of nature’s wonder in the form of the Great Barrier Reefs in Australia. One can also choose from historical destinations such as the pyramids of Egypt and travel back in time in the middle of the desert country. Forests, in spite of the awareness surrounding anti-deforestation campaigns, draw millions of tourists each year, the likes of the Amazon rain-forests being hot spots. India is a country known for its deep and varied cultural heritage and is one of the most inspiring and attractive tourism destinations with its historical monuments and varied ecological and geographical diversity. There are also many pilgrimage destinations that draw hundreds on these travels. One cannot possibly list out all existing destinations in the world and the fact that new locations continue to jostle for space on the map makes the task all the more difficult. At times, a self-conducted research of preferred destinations acts as a much better alternative.

As we all know the world is in the middle of a recuperation after the recent global economic downturn thus making it mandatory for people to travel on much lesser tourism budgets. These are possible solutions by means of which one can save a significant amount of money while on their tours:

Bargain: Negotiation is what makes the travel industry survive with a long line of time-sensitive products to be offered. So while doing last minute bookings, specially if the tourism sales have been hit, bargaining is an excellent way to save a little more than otherwise.

Weigh your luggage: If you happen to have air travel on the itinerary, then ensure that all your baggage are well below the prescribed limits of airlines as the excess baggage costs can really burn a hole in your pocket.

Make overnight travels: For those people who can drop off and again catch up real quick, they can go in for the option of a night travel and thus save on the costs of a possible hotel accommodation. This saving, one must note, is a significant reduction in any travel expenditure.

Settle in budget hotels: Search and book early for the many available budget-price hotels on offer in the world. Although they are not exactly luxuriant, the clean and efficient services are perfect for a family stay and a significant saving on the travel expenses.

Duty-free shopping services: This does not apply if you are in the European Union countries but for those travelling apart from the member countries, the local VAT is always refundable from the duty-free shopping destinations on tour. Since shopping on a tour is something unavoidable, this is an effective solution for saving more while spending some.

In general, of one is looking to save enough and stay well within the travel expenses, then the ideal solution is to plan right on the tour and avoid over-indulgence in any form whatsoever. By following these simple procedures, you are guaranteed of having a successful and happy tour of your chosen destination while not going overboard with your travel expenditures.