Shopping is an activity that involves browsing through goods by a customer who has the intention of buying them. It can either be a leisure or economic activity. The shopping experience can range from very good to terrible depending on how the customer is treated. The experience can also be influenced by other customers. For instance, customers who get brushed by other shoppers while shopping generally have a bad experience.

Shopping in Ancient Times

In ancient Greece, merchants sold goods at stalls. Therefore, shopping is an age old tradition that is not going anywhere. Shopping lists were also used in the ancient times to prevent confusion.

Modern Day Shopping

Supermarkets are a great place to shop because they are stocked with a variety of products. Customers basically browse through the shelves of goods and pick the ones that they want. They then pay for the goods that they have picked and they are packed for them.

Shopping Venues

Shopping Hubs

These are large shopping complexes that are located in central business districts. They are a collection of stores such as shopping malls and flea markets.


There are different categories of stores depending on the type of goods sold. Stores are usually tiered depending on their target demographic. Mostly, they are tiered depending on price. Some of them sell second hand goods. In other cases, the public is allowed to donate to stores known as thrift stores.

Home Shopping

Home shopping combines home delivery systems with modern technology such as cell phones and televisions. There are 3 types of home shopping; ordering from catalogs, ordering from advertisements and online shopping. Online shopping is the best way of shopping and it has changed the way people shop. On the internet, shoppers can do quick price comparisons and save a lot of money in the process.

Most businesses have defined their shopping hours while others are open 24 hours a day. In some countries, shopping venues are closed during holidays. However, there are some holidays where shopping increases substantially. For instance, during Christmas people shop a lot so that they can make their holidays enjoyable. People also tend to shop more when they have a lot of disposable income. The end of the month is one such time when the disposable income is high. As a result, people shop more because they can afford it.

The pricing techniques that most retailers use are cost plus pricing. However, in most shopping outlets, the price of goods is fixed and cannot be negotiated. The only places that people can negotiate are flea markets and other open air markets where the prices are not fixed. When shopping online, shoppers find it difficult to negotiate the prices. However, you can save money by comparing prices and choosing the most affordable price for you. Another term that is commonly used in the shopping world is window shopping. It refers to browsing through goods and services without the intention of purchasing. However, customers can window shop to come up with a future shopping budget.